I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting.

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*pelvic thrusts kitchen drawers closed*

Beautiful features of each sign:


Aries: Cheekbones

Taurus: doe eyes

Gemini: Youthfulness

Cancer: Emotive eyes

Leo: mane of hair

Virgo: gentle features

Libra: Dimpled cheeks/ cleft chin

Scorpio: Deep, intense eyes

Sagittarius: Glowing smiles

Capricorn: Bone structure

Aquarius: handsome features

Pisces: Hypnotic eyes


new zealand’s finest


I think it’s pretty incredible the emotional connection you can have with something, like a tv show that was playing in the background the first time you had sex, or a song that was quietly humming during a car ride on the best worst night of your life, or a sweater you were wearing just one time that makes you really vividly remember sleeping next to someone you cared about so fucking much and it’s just a stupid sweater but you can remember the sound of their breathing and every single emotion you were feeling at the time